Num. Publication Title Type Author Date Subject Contact Photo
1 300 Years of German immigration to America, 1683-1988 Book Kurt Goldbeck 1983 Describes the journey across the Atlantic as well as of travel within the United States upon arrival. 1) Sue Hanck
2 The Atlantic Bridge to Germany; Bavaria (Bayern) Book Charles M. Hall Volumes III of the Atlantic Bridge To Germany series, 1:200,000 maps with detailed indexes for the area from which 90 per cent of the 18th century continental European immigrants to the American colonies of "palatines" came. This includes all of present southern Germany, plus Alsace-Lorraine and Switzerland. Reference to a vast number of German Catholic records is now included in addition to numerous Protestant records found in the current state of Bavaria. 1) Fran Schweitzer
3 The Atlantic Bridge to Germany; Alsace-Lorraine Book Linda M. Herrick and Wendy K. Uncapher 2003 Completely revamped with new maps (from 1876-1898 era) showing the majority of the more than 5,600 places named in the book. Each place is identified by German and French names, Kreis (county), Bezirk (government district), and what years there are records available at the Family History Library. The first sixteen pages contain Alsace-Lorraine information dealing with history, geography, websites, books of interest, several maps showing historical divisions, and more. 1) Robert Venter
4 Atlas of the German Empire 1892 Book Verlag de Bibliographischen Instituts 1892 1) Sue Hanck
5 German Telephone Directory CD-ROM TopWare 1997 A CD listing the entire German Telephone Directory of 1997. (For Windows PCs.) 1) Robert Venter
6 Decipher Germanic Records Spiral-bound Edna Bentz 1992 1) Marilynn Tanner image
7 Deciphering Handwriting in German Documents Book Dr. Roger P. Minert 2001 A course in how to read the old style German handwriting. 1) Fran Schweitzer
2) Robert Venter
8 Der Rhein; Farbbildband von Mainz Bis Dusseldorf Book Klaus Rahmel-Verlag 1976 A travel book in English, French, and German with lots of pictures. 1) Sue Hanck
9 Descriptive Catalog of German Research Material at the FHC, Sacramento Book LDS 1999 1) Fran Schweitzer
2) Marilynn Tanner
10 Die deutsche Schrift - The German Script Book Fritz Verdenhalven 1989 A book of practice drills to aid in reading the old style German handwriting. 1) Robert Venter image
11 Freilichtmuseum am Kiekeberg Book Museumsfuhrer 1987 In German with many pictures. 1) Sue Hanck
12 The French Republican Calender Conversion Chart Cheat Sheet Robert Venter 1990 A conversion chart allowing one to convert dates given in the style of the French Republican Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar style. 1) Robert Venter
13 The German-American Connection Book Lufthansa Airlines 1) Marilynn Tanner
14 German-American, An Ethnic Experience Book 1) Marilynn Tanner
15 German/English Genealogical Dictionary Book Ernest Thode 2006 Dictionary of words and terms found in German genealogy records. 1) Marilynn Tanner
2) Robert Venter
16 German Genealogical Digest Book This issue is on:
1) Prussia's Military Records and
2) Marriage Records from Pomerania.
1) Marilynn Tanner
17 The German Research Companion Book Shirley J. Riemer 2000 A encyclopedia of information relating to German genealogical research. 1) Fran Schweitzer
2) Helen Odegard
3)Marilynn Tanner
4) Robert Venter
18 German Research Outlines CD-ROM
1) Helen Odegard
19 Germanic Genealogy Paperback Beandt, Cutkomp, Bellingham, Frye, and Lowe 1997 Includes tips for Correspondence and reading the records (Gothic script, German vocabulary, calendars and date problems), and useful addresses for numerous contacts: publishers, booksellers, map sources, libraries and information centers, and so forth. 1) Helen Odegard
2) Marilynn Tanner
20 Germany - 2000 Years of History and Culture Book LeRoy Boehlke 1985 The Ancient Germans and Teutons, The Europeans-Where did they come from?-The Germanic Tribes and the conflict with Rome- the Franks and the Beginning of the German Empire- Expansion towards the east during the Middle Ages- The Thirty Years War-Germany after Napoleon. 1) Helen Odegard
21 In Search of your German Roots Book Angus Baxter c.1994 Designed to help you trace your German ancestry; not only in Germany but in all the German-speaking areas of Europe, from the Baltic to the Crimea, from the Czech Republic to Belgium. 1) Sue Hanck image
22 Lands of the German Empire and Before (2nd edition) Book Wendy Uncapher Explains the history of the states of the German Empire, and also identifies land divisions (e.g., kreis (county) and state), which makes it easy to determine the location of a German kreis. Each state has a historical timeline plus maps. 1) Fran Schweitzer
2) Marilynn Tanner
23 Palatinate Place Name Indexes: Identifying Place Names Using Alphabetical and Reverse Alphabetical Indexes. Book Roger P. Minert 2000 A list of places in the Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz) state of Germany. 1) Robert Venter
24 Researching in Germany Book Dr. Roger P. Minert
Shirley J. Riemer
2001 "A handbook for your visit to the homeland of your ancestors." Help in planning your genealogical research trip to Germany. 1) Robert Venter image
25 Understanding Meyers Orts Booklet Fay S. Dearden - A translating guide for the directory (Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon) of the towns and places in the German Empire. 1) Robert Venter

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