Information for DNA Researchers

DNA testing and analysis can be very confusing and hard to understand at first. If addition there are a number of different types of test that can be done. For example DNA testing can be useful in genealogy research, determining ethnic and national origins, analyzing health issues and other sorts of applications. All of these tests are rather expensive and which one you choose will depend on what you want to know. For genealogy research the male Y-chromosome is the most useful and most of the sources listed here will relate to that type of test. However, it is hope that no matter what your questions are, these links will help you find the answers.

Links to Help You Understand DNA Testing

  1. Three Questions You Need to Answer Before You Are Tested.
  2. Understanding Genetics and DNA.
    1. This is a great educational site provided by the National Human Genome Research Institute.
    2. Start by playing the video on the home page.
    3. Look-up the definitions of genetic terms.
    4. You can have the site read these definitions and hear how to pronounce the term.
    5. You will also find many animations and illustrations.
  3. A Short Course on Genetic Genealogy. (Emphasis on the Y-Chromosome - provided by the Venter Surname DNA Project.)
  4. DNA 101 (Provided by the Blair DNA Project.)
  5. How to take a Cheek Swab for DNA Testing. (YouTube vidio - FamilyTreeeDNA.com)
  6. The International Society of Genetic Genealogy(ISOGG).
  7. Understanding Haplogroups.

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